What Is the Average Cost of a House Cleaning Service?

House cleaning services cost around $40/hr.

How Much Do Cleaning Companies Charge per Square Metre?

Average house cleaning costs per square metre are between $4 and $10 depending on your home size, condition, cleaning requirements and various other cost determinants

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Two-Storey House?


Depending on the house size and how intensive cleaning it needs, standard double-storey cleaning work can take a couple of hours or a whole day, which means it can cost anywhere from $500 or less up to $1500+ based on current average house cleaning rates per hour in room if larger, and perhaps to carry some heavy equipment upstairs among other things.

The basic cleaning includes dusting and emptying rubbish bins, vacuuming and mopping all floors, full kitchen and bathroom cleans:

  • wiping down all benchtops,

  • cleaning stovetop,

  • cleaning sinks and basins, as well as

  • cleaning showers and toilets.

On the other hand, if you need bond cleaning which has to be more thorough, the prices may range from $600 to well over $1,500 for a three-bedroom house with up to three bathrooms.

So, the final house cleaning price mainly depends on your location, home size, type of cleaning and the scope of work required.

How Much Is a Move Out Cleaning Service?


Move out cleaning costs between $450 for smaller houses and sometimes even more than $1,500 for larger houses or those which are in extremely bad condition

  • $450 for a home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms,

  • $650 for a home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as

  • $880 for even larges homes with one or two more bedrooms and bathrooms.

Although the rough end of lease cost for a 90m2 house is around $500, the prices may go up if your house is extremely filthy.


Besides standard cleaning jobs, move out or end of lease cleaning packages mostly include these and some other additional services as required:

  • carpet cleaning,

  • removing wall marks (which may increase costs if they’re persistent),

  • removing cobwebs,

  • cleaning the oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances,

  • cleaning insides and outsides of cupboards and drawers,

  • inside and outside window cleaning,

  • cleaning door frames and handles,

  • cleaning lights,

  • mowing lawns and tidying gardens,

  • cleaning a swimming pool if any,

  • garage cleaning

  • washing balconies, patios, decks and the like.

​In short, bond cleaning involves thoroughly scrubbing, wiping, polishing, degreasing and disinfecting all the surfaces in the house, as well as tidying around the house so that every single nook of the property is perfectly spotless. To get a move out, end of lease or bond clean, whatever you call it, expect higher rates (at least $45/hr) as this is much more detailed than typical standard house cleaning and requires top level of cleanliness.

This cleaning service may take up between 8 and 10 hours in total.

House Cleaning Prices from Real Customers


Zico from Alexandria

He needed a professional cleaner to tidy up his 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment unit.


Goldy from Epping

She wanted two bathrooms and the kitchen and living areas cleaned. She also needed help in tidying up her patio and front courtyard as well as dusting skirt boards and vacuuming the entire house.


Yvonne from Strathfield

Her home had four bedrooms and two bathrooms. She only needed the house vacuumed and mopped; no steam cleaning needed.


What Extent of Service You Need


Plenty of businesses out there offer service packages that cover certain types of cleaning tasks. For instance, these packages could include more specialised services such as:

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