Painting cost

The average cost of standard house painting job is $50/hr (excluding the cost of paint and materials). Painting is one of most cost effective ways to breathe new life into your place – especially if you’re looking to sell the property.


Calculating the cost of painting a house and the corresponding prices.

How Much Do Painters Charge Per Room?

The average price per room ranges between $300 – $500 including the cost of paint and materials.Of  course, the more rooms decreases cost per room. For example, a 7 bedroom house requiring painting in all rooms will have a lower per room cost than a job to paint only 3 rooms.

Painting the Wall

various factors influence cost

  • the size

  • quality and the price of the paint,

  • the colour,

  • the condition and the texture of the walls,

  • the time to get the job done

  • The number of room​

​matters to the exterior painting professional:

  • The position of your house

  • How many storeys are there

  • The type of surface

  • How much preparation work

  • Whether it’s necessary to remove any old paint

matters for painting your home interior:

  • How many windows and doors there are in the room

  • The size

  • How high the ceiling is

  • any other decorative painting,

  • Single colour or multiple colours

How Much Do Painters Charge per Day?

Assuming that they’ll work for approximately 8 hours a day, based on the data above, a typical house painting can cost between $350 and $500 per day. As simple as that. They can typically cover 100 square feet per hour, which is equivalent to 9.3 square metres.

Costs of Common Painting Jobs

Here’s a quick overview of common painting job costs.

What Are Typical Painting Jobs?


A typical painting company will offer the following services:

  • Interiors – painting on fresh surfaces or repainting over existing paint is the most common service.

  • Exteriors – Every 5-7 years the exteriors of the house should be repainted. This requires special equipment and paint. Professional help is strongly recommended.

  • Roof painting – specialised job that requires safety protocols and the correct equipment.

  • Wallpapering – another specialised service that many painters offer. Some painting companies will provide wallpaper while others will only do labour only.

  • Fence painting – outdoor areas require special paint and expertise.

  • Timber maintenance – timber is unique to other surfaces in that it needs specific preparation techniques to ensure its longevity.

Is House Painting a Good Investment?


An exterior paint job could cost as little as $3000, with the potential to reach up to $15 000+ for larger, more complex houses. The most important factor to consider is the return on investment that a quality paint job can produce.

For example, if your home value sits at $600 000, you can make $30 000 to $60 000 (around 5-10%) more when you sell. The increased value only goes up with the value of your home.

Consider this: buyers want to invest in a home that they can see themselves in. If your walls are faded and peeling, this will only attract investors who want to renovate and make a quick profit.

If your home’s interior and exterior paint job is immaculate, this will attract buyers who want to actually live in your house.

Paint Swatches

Which Planning Decisions You Must Make Before Hiring a Painter


  • What colour do you want?

Pinterest and other home interior blogs are a great source of inspiration if you are still deciding on colour.

Often, the aim is to make your home look as bright, airy and spacious as possible so pale colours are always a safe option.

If you require professional help, colour consultation services are usually offered by painting companies.

  • Are you painting doors, windows and skirting boards?

These areas require special attention and will add to the price of your quote. Depending on the style of your home, using a contrast colour for these details can be an attractive aesthetic choice.

Painting prices from real customers


Jenny from Bondi: Interior House Painting Job

Area size: Approximate 60m2 unit

Materials & labour included


Dan from Chatswood: Interior House Painting Job

Area size: Small townhouse; open plan kitchen, dining & lounge; small laundry; bedroom

Materials & labour included



Holly from Alexandria: Exterior House Painting Job

Area size: Second storey guttering & large garage door

Materials & labour included


Louise from Eastwood: Exterior House Painting Job

Area size: Rendered brick fence, 2m high

Materials & labour included


What All Residential Painting Jobs Have in Common


Painters consider several things when quoting, one of which is the size of the place.

How big or small your house is can greatly affect the overall cost of your job as it influences other factors as well — the quantity of paint required, the other materials needed, and the time it takes to finish the job.

Aside from quantity, you’ll also need to take the quality of the paint into account. High-quality paints are more expensive, but they’ll surely last for years.

The difficulty of the task is a key element too. Included in this area are accessibility, texture of the wall, and complexity of the paint design.

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